This trick has been revealed. Find out how it works

Using UPI payment apps like GPay, Paytm, PhonePe? As much as these tools bring convenience to our transaction pattern, they have certain pros and cons which we need to be mindful off. 

Hence, while such apps, the users needs to be aware of UPI payments safety tips and tricks to avoid falling prey to cyber frauds. Some simple steps include not clicking on random links, answering fraud calls, giving out essential transaction details like PIN number, password etc. 

Here are a few tips and tricks you should follow to save yourself from UPI transaction fraud: 

Do not share your PIN: First in the list comes – never share your PIN. Be it a friend, family member, even someone you trust dearly – sharing PIN with anyone makes you vulnerable to frauds. If your PIN has been revealed change it immediately.

Use strong password: Lock your phone and your payment apps with strong password. Usually most people use simple passwords like your name, date of birth, mobile number, etc. – this should be avoided. Make it a combination of letters, numbers and characters to make your password strong.  

Do not click on unverified links: Often we receive fake messages from unverified accounts or numbers containing links on our phone and email. Never click on them. By sending these, fraudster lure individuals with lucrative offers and then ask them to divulge PIN, OTP etc. Then caller pretends to be calling from your bank or some other organisation and can ask you for your details. 

Time and again, many individuals fell victim to transaction/Cyber fraud by clicking on such links or answering such calls. Avoid them. 

Keep you transaction mode simple: Try using only one of the payment apps and that too a trusted and verified payment application. Using multiple apps increases the chances of fraud.

Update UPI App regularly: Every application requires an update and each update brings better features and benefits. You should always keep updating the UPI payment app to the latest version.